Khanh Nguyen

Senior Program Officer
Priority Areas I Work In:

Primary Care | Early Childhood Social-Emotional Development | Youth/Young Adult Resiliency | Adult Recovery

Khanh found her way into philanthropy through a summer internship when she was in college. That part-time job turned into a 26-year career. That career evolved into her personal mission, because she believes that all Coloradans deserve the opportunity to live healthful lives. She’s been with the Foundation for more than 20 years, helping to invest in communities and organizations across the state in the areas of health and healthy eating and active living.

Out of Khanh's many experiences working with communities to improve health, one stands out and remains etched in her memory. As part of a collaborative group, Khanh worked on a project to assist a community mental health center. For more than a year, she worked with staff, board members and many other stakeholders to bring the center from the brink of financial collapse to financial well-being. The success of this project was Khanh’s personal mission in action: creating healthy organizations so they can help people live healthier lives.

Khanh has lived in Colorado for 42 years and loves late spring when her family can get out in the warmth and take walks in the park. She has a particular love for Southwest Colorado, but her true happy place is on a beach where she can read a thriller and watch her daughter and husband make sandcastles. At home, you’ll find her surrounded by cooking magazines — and cooking, when she has the time.


BA Music — University of Denver 

MA Biology — University of Colorado at Denver

JD — University of Denver

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“I’m proud to be a Coloradan and believe we all should have the opportunity to live healthful lives. Our mission is focused on making this happen.”
Khanh Nguyen
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