Champion Health Equity

Transformative Leadership for Change (TLC)

Continue signature fellowship for BIPOC (black, indigenous and people of color) leaders of Colorado social justice organizations, and launch additional year-round leadership programming for the entire TLC community of fellows, alumni and funding partners.

Co-Elevate Community: Enhancing Community's Capacity and Impact

Provide capacity building, technical assistance and support for nonprofits meeting the needs of individuals and families predominately in marginalized communities of color. The purpose is to bring community-centric solutions and services to community by persons and organizations that traditionally experience inequity and marginalization in funding and influence.

Health and Racial Equity Media Investment

This project is to support Colorado News Collaborative's (COLab) community engagement and DEI efforts, and support approaches to identify and implement more inclusive, responsive news media approaches that better reflect and represent community priorities.

Advancing Affordable Housing and Renter's Rights in Colorado

In collaboration with United For a New Economy, Together Colorado, and 9to5, SiX will use the rapid response funding to help build, refine, and push out an affordable housing and renters rights narrative to legislators, the general public, and housing stakeholders.

CCCS Law Enforcement Academy Curriculum and Training

CCCS is launching an initiative to reshape law enforcement curriculum, revamp and diversity training faculty professionals, and provide updated continuing education training for current officers that aims to reduce police violence and better serve Colorado communities.

CASA Financial Literacy & Equity Exchange Project

Change the way vouchers are administered for young people, 18-24, and living on a state funded voucher through the Financial Literacy & Equity Exchange project, an initiative to match the 30% AMI rent payment required by state funded vouchers from employed tenants. We are advocating for the state to fully fund the supportive housing voucher for employed young adults 18-24 years of age, allowing what would be the rent payment, to be redirected into a restricted investment account.

Moving AHEAD: Advocating for Health Equity through Arts and Dance

Elevate the voice of vulnerable populations with cultural authenticity. However, the arts sector is often overlooked in policy making. We propose an Arts Alliance for Health Equity, engaging diverse leaders and organizations to develop arts advocates for health equity to drive public policies that support social and emotional wellbeing and connectedness.

Securing Paid Family Leave for all Colorado Workers

UNE and the Colorado Families First (CFF) Coalition will capitalize on the current climate to emphasize the need for paid family and medical leave. They will combat misinformation by educating Coloradans about how few workers have access to paid leave and how overwhelmingly the public supports it.

Securing Paid Family Leave for all Coloradans

9to5 Colorado will educate their base about paid family and medical leave by spreading resources to combat misinformation, making sure Coloradans understand how few workers currently have access to paid leave, and making visible the overwhelming public support for family leave.