Champion Health Equity

We are not accepting applications for COVID-19-related or other non-advocacy activities and efforts through our Advocacy Rapid Response Funding. Please read below to learn more about program criteria and eligibility. Visit our COVID-19: Resources for Nonprofits and Funders page to learn more and find emergency funding.

Funding Overview

Relationships and connections are critical components to an organization and/or community’s ability to work together in service of addressing shared goals. Our Building and Bridging Connections funding aims to strengthen social capital and community-building efforts aimed at addressing health challenges and advancing health equity.

This funding will support:

The Advancing Advocacy and Justice with Communities of Color funding opportunity aims to build power in the advocacy ecosystem with organizations led by or centered on people of color, and that are most critical and closest to the communities for whom health is furthest from reach. It will support both long-term movement-building and the ability of advocacy groups to act when high-leverage opportunities to influence more equitable policy solutions and civic reforms arise.

Forward, Further, Faster for our Children

Increase community engagement and strengthen social capital among black and brown communities to identify solutions for the health disparities and inequities that currently exist within the communities they serve and to co-create a structure and systems of education that are anchored in the baseline expectation of health and total wellness of students, their families and the professionals that serve them.

Strengthening Discovery Caf�'s Organizational Capacity and Community Presence

Sustain and expand existing Discovery Caf� services, expand outreach and improve services for the Latinx community and begin delivering services in two new rural Colorado communities. Support improved cultural competency and outreach to Latinx individuals, improved program evaluation, expanded fund development efforts and training/technical assistance in growing organizational leadership and capacity.

Micro to Macro Moves: Investing in Infrastructure to Operationalize Healing Justice

Operationalize the principles of healing justice and codify restorative practices into an innovative model for youth-serving organizations. This requires strengthening the organization's capacity to upgrade the internal infrastructure and systems to better support the new procedures and processes that concretize values into a sustainable and replicable organizational model.

General Operating Support

Partner with grassroots organizations in the Denver Metro region, rural communities and across Colorado to promote equitable, effective affordable housing policy. As state and local governments move past COVID crisis response, support policy change and implementation to help communities move beyond the pre-pandemic "normal," toward more high-quality housing that is accessible and sustainably affordable for Coloradans facing the greatest systemic barriers.

General Operating Grant

Mobilize voters of southeast Colorado Springs to take empowered action in order to increase the physical and mental health equity of one of the most marginalized communities of the Pikes Peak region. This includes mobilizing necessary resources, disseminating information, generating community-led support and fostering cooperation across public and private sectors in the community.
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