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Champion Health Equity

Every Child Pediatrics Inclusiveness Transformation Initiative

Advance organizational inclusiveness culture that supports quality of care and health equity. Work with diversity & inclusion experts to analyze the current organizational climate and strengths, identify unconscious biases and inclusion/equity gaps that could result in workplace and healthcare inequalities, generate insights, best practices, and a roadmap to inclusion that is culturally sensitive to the needs of patients and families.

The Advancing Advocacy and Justice with Communities of Color funding opportunity aims to build power in the advocacy ecosystem with organizations that are most critical and closest to the communities for whom health is furthest from reach. It will support both long-term movement-building and the ability of advocacy groups to act when high-leverage opportunities to bring about change arise. The Foundation hopes to shift and elevate power and further strengthen a nimble, adaptive, diverse and durable advocacy ecosystem.

Volteando la Tortilla! (Flipping the Tortilla)

Build capacity and strengthen core programming for the Colectiva, a community-driven initiative to address a core health equity issue for the immigrant community, a lack of safety net services to thrive and live a healthy life. Efforts provide critical supports to the immigrant community and to support its own resiliency and ability to care for itself.

Capacity Building Grant

Support a three-year capacity building project that is culturally and linguistically responsive and designed to help SDLR be able to serve thousands of underserved Latinos.

QTs Kickball League

Support for QTs Kickball League, an inter-generational, sober, and abilities-adaptable kickball league welcoming and supportive of Queer and Trans/ Gender Expansive individuals and their families.