Communicating about a Grant

Communicating about a grant is one way to maximize the impact of an organizations work or mission. The Foundation has a set of guidelines for any communications related to a grant we provide. Additionally, the Communications Knowledge Center offers a variety of educational tools related to communications.

Getting the Word Out

Once a grant agreement is finalized, let people know about it. Grantees communicate about grants in a variety of ways, including through news releases, email and social media.

Our staff are available to review any grant-related communications, especially if the Foundation is mentioned in any context. Our staff can also ensure that any grant-related details are accurate. Send any content requiring review to

Language Rules

  • Please refer to us as “the Colorado Health Foundation,” with a lowercase “the” unless the name begins a sentence or stands alone.
  • Please do not use an acronym in a second reference; instead, refer to us as “the Foundation.”
  • Use the following description of the Foundation, if needed:
    • The Colorado Health Foundation is bringing health in reach for all Coloradans by engaging closely with communities across the state through investing, policy and advocacy, learning and capacity building. For more information, please visit

Logo Use

Contact us to request a logo file. We do require approval of use in some instances.

Engage with Us on Social Media

If your organization uses social media, take a few minutes to follow or like us. Our Twitter handle is @COHealthFDN, Instagram handle is @COHealthFDN and Facebook address is

Communications Knowledge Center

The Communications Knowledge Center was produced by Progressive Promotions. Included are online tools and a series of educational presentations that were designed for a specific group of grantees. The tools and information contained in this Center are intended to provide education and resources to any person interested in learning more about communications. Questions? Contact Taryn Fort, Senior Communications Director.


How you talk about - and visually present - your organization drives every experience that people have with you. These resources explain brand and how to create effective messages.

Strategic Communications:


Helpful Infographics:

Need help with press releases, advisories, or pitching? These resources will help your organization make the most of your local newspapers and news shows.

From non-paid posts to ad strategy to design, these resources will help you select the platforms you need to be on and craft effective digital materials.



Stats to measure your organization off of:

Tips & Tricks:

Content Creation Guides:

Every great communicator needs a network of experts and free resources to stay in-the-know. These resources include ways to engage with others in the field, along with ideas and solutions.

  • The Communications Network offers a free, online service to help nonprofits avoid jargon in their written materials. 
  • ComNetDenver is a regional group of The Communications Network that is comprised of individuals working in the social sector at foundations, nonprofits, and as consultants in the Denver area.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Marketing offers myriad tools and resources for health communicators. The Resources and Tools page provides campaign creation tools, media resources, templates and much more. 
  • Kivi Leroux Miller is the author of the Nonprofit Marketing Guide.