How We Are Working to Achieve Health Equity

At the Foundation, we believe that keeping equity at the heart of our work will lead us to better health.

Having health equity is about having all we need to live healthy lives. And, every person has different needs than the next. That’s how we define it in our vision and how we think about what achieving equity will take.

There are countless drivers of health, many stemming from oppression and exclusion, including poverty and racism. Because of this, it is essential that every step we take creates fair opportunities for those who health is furthest from reach.

We believe that health equity exists when there are no unnecessary, avoidable, unfair, unjust or systemically-caused differences in health status. Where you live matters. Racial injustice matters. Financial and socioeconomic status matters. Toxic stress matters. Access to safe and affordable neighborhoods and homes matters.


This is why our work, and that which we expect in the work of our partners, is rooted in three cornerstones.

A cornerstone is defined as “an important quality or feature on which a particular thing depends or is based.” Ours are designed to help ensure that all we do has an impact on the people, families and communities in our state who need it most, and make clear that we only engage in opportunities that:

  1. Serve Coloradans who have low income and historically have had less power or privilege;
  2. Intend to create health equity; and
  3. Are informed by community and those we exist to serve.

As part of our organizational strategy, these cornerstones will help bring health in reach for all Coloradans by strengthening bodies, minds and communities in the fight against unfair and avoidable differences in health.

Learn more about how our focus areas are helping to improve the health of Coloradans.