David Proper

Senior Communications Officer

David brings a vast background in mission-oriented communications to the Foundation. Throughout his career, he has honed his skills in effectively delivering messages that resonate with diverse audiences, aligning them with the vision and purpose of the organizations he serves.

David moved to Denver from Upstate New York. He grew up in an area of continued disinvestment and at a young age saw that not everybody has access to the same opportunities. Resultantly, his personal mission became creating safer and more equitable communities for all. In line with this mission, he has held positions with nonprofit organizations focused on eliminating oppression and promoting justice. Most recently, he oversaw communications and development for The Blue Bench, a nonprofit organization committed to ending sexual violence. Aside from his communications work, David enjoys sharing his expertise with others by regularly teaching at local colleges and always jumps at the chance to mentor less-seasoned nonprofit communicators. 

David is a news enthusiast and spends the start of every day catching up on news articles and staying updated on the latest political developments. His dedication to his personal mission extends beyond his professional life—he actively seeks opportunities to make a positive impact on his community by volunteering to support causes he deeply believes in. When he’s not reading, writing or designing, he finds solace and joy in spending quality time with his beloved dog (Eleanor, a small but mighty shih tzu/poodle mix) and partner, enjoying what he calls “trash TV,” or relishing one of Colorado’s many natural attractions. A self-described pizza aficionado, he’s also always on the hunt for pizza in Denver that is as good as the pies from his hometown.

“We all have power. By using our power responsibly and ethically, we can break down barriers, challenge unjust systems and move our communities closer to equity and justice.”
David Proper
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