Strengthen Community Health

Building Community Wealth in Metro Denver

Increase capacity to transform the current economic development system to a more inclusive and equitable model that prioritizes democratically-owned businesses, emphasizes local procurement, and ensures social, environmental, and institutional sustainability.

Strategizing for and Building Community Wealth in Southeast Colorado Springs

Integrate a Community Wealth Building (CWB) lens into capacity building, changing Colorado Springs Food Rescue's internal policies & overall organizing strategy. Project includes working alongside the Center for Community Wealth Building to host a CWB learning series for southeast Colorado Springs community members.

Feasibility Study for Affordable Housing Developments in Chaffee County

Conduct a feasibility study and assemble holistic development plans for two innovative affordable housing projects in rural Colorado. These projects bring multiple partners together to provide safe, stable, and affordable housing options to Chaffee's most vulnerable individuals and families - from those experiencing homelessness to those seeking their first ownership opportunity.

Avanti House Land Acquisition

Purchase the 10-acre property on which our residential safe home currently resides. This purchase would allow us to sustain our current Avanti House program and fulfill our strategic vision of building/operating a second residential home on this land as an additional housing option for minor survivors of human trafficking.

Stabilization and Expansion of Housing Justice Work Across Colorado through a Gender, Racial, and Health Justice Framework

Expand the successful organizing for affordable housing and renters rights by: 1) respond to training requests from mobile home park groups, 2) build statewide leadership base of directly impacted leaders, 3) train residents to understand and enforce new laws, and 4) ensure the laws are implemented and enforced. Strengthened leadership of low-income renters and mobile home owners will advance progress toward the goal of increasing access to affordable housing.