Strengthen community health

At The Colorado Health Foundation, we believe that keeping equity at the heart of our work will lead us to better health. We know that all communities have their own unique assets and often have the best ideas for solving their own health-related challenges. When community members who experience the problem themselves identify the issue and then work to generate and implement the solutions, they are able to raise their collective voice and strengthen their own power.

Metro Denver Economic Equity Project (DEEP).

Help us solidify our long-term impact and community establishment now that we have identified personal and family economic mobility strategies, business development strategies and community economic strategies as well as developed three products and a strategic plan.

boys2MEN Programming and Young Community Leaders Program

Continue the boys2MEN Program and build a new Young Community Leaders Program. The next generation of community leaders are coming up fast and they have begun to navigate this space without proper council or guidance. Establishing the Young Community Leaders program will help them build their infrastructure as well as teach them how to be sustainable.

Permanent Supportive Housing Project in Lamar, Colorado

Work with a housing manufacturer to place 13 units of permanent supportive housing at 3500 First Street South in Lamar, CO, serving low-income individuals experiencing behavioral health problems. Southeast Health Group has contracted with housing consultants to help navigate the supportive housing system and identify critical resources to bring the project to completion.

Colorado Rural Statewide Housing Fund

Launch a scalable, replaceable toolkit to build new homes in rural towns across Colorado using mission-aligned financing, advanced home building products and home building efficiencies through a public-private-philanthropic partnership. Each town project is driven by local residents and is financial self-sustaining with sale revenues equal to costs and nominal grants.

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