Other Program

Prime Health Challenge: Catalyzing Digital Health Innovation through Ecosystem and Capability Building

Improve health equity, quality, cost and access for underserved communities in Colorado through innovation and collaboration. This will be done through ecosystem, network and capability building, education and training, peer learning, technical assistance, digital health solution identification and vetting, and pilot development and implementation. The goal is to discover, discuss, test and scale sustainable, meaningful solutions and advance value-based health reform.

General Operating Support

Maintain programming while the organization weathers a leadership transition and capacity building in financial management, governance, and organizational culture.

District 11 Equity and Health Proposal

Achieve what is best for students, families and staff. To accomplish this, there are two primary areas of support requested: 1) Organizational Equity; 2) Full Service Community Schools.

Advancing Equity Through Research & Practice

Elevate equity to its appropriate role in the health services research enterprise. This project seeks to simultaneously diversify who is engaged in health services scholarship, increase the amount and quality of health equity scholarship, and expand the equity-related content we publish and that our readers read.