Healthy Schools

Make it Happen

Increase healthy eating and physical activity among high-poverty, rural/frontier students and school staff. This health equity project builds on existing partnerships between 27 school districts and CRSHE.

Kit Carson Comprehensive Health & Wellness Program Implementation

Implement a set of action items determined by the school's Wellness Committee through a Creating Healthy Schools Planning grant. These items will include walking path stations, a wellness/athletic room which will hold workout classes, interactive classroom tools and Brain Breaks, rubberizing playground surfacing, and a school breakfast program.

Healthy Schools Implementation Grant

Continue work institutionalizing wellness efforts across the district through a coordinated, collaborative approach to planning, programs and evaluation.

Weld County RE-4 Healthy Schools Implementation Grant

Further support and promote the Weld County RE-4 school district wellness initiatives and district wellness committee. With additional funding, the district can continue to support and prioritize the schools' health and wellness improvement plans and the district health improvement plan.

Healthy School Planning and Implementation Grant

Implement a comprehensive health and wellness plan for approximately 150 students, along with the surrounding Globeville-Elyria-Swansea community, to reduce the many health disparities and eliminate the barriers that impact living a healthy life.

Creating Healthy Schools RE-5J: Local Implementation

Continue to partner with Weld County School District RE-5J to promote the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) approach and further pursue the health and wellness goals that the District Wellness Committee proposed in the last two years of planning.

West End School District Comprehensive Health & Wellness Plan Implementation

Complete a set of implementation activities determined by the school's Wellness Council as part of a Creating Healthy Schools planning grant. These action items include expanding existing hydration stations and creating new stations; creating a community garden club; expanding the Healthy Snack program; and developing a partnership with Montrose West Recreation.

Weld RE-3J Comprehensive Health & Wellness Program

Weld RE-3J School District requests funds to support the development of a comprehensive district Health and Wellness plan that will allow them to better align their student, staff and community wellness programs and initiatives.

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