Game Changers: The Status Quo Has Got to Go
The Colorado Health Symposium

The 2022 Colorado Health Symposium took place July 27-29 in Keystone, CO at the Keystone Conference Center. The theme "Game Changers: The Status Quo Has Got To Go" brought together community advocates, grassroots leaders, innovators, experts and others to explore people, policies, practices and perspectives creating the new normal Coloradans need.

2022 Colorado Health Symposium

Thank you to those who joined us in person, via livestream and on social media. The status quo in Colorado will not instantly shift after three game-changing days, but we hope that the exchanges you all had and information shared will spark transformative change wherever you go afterward.

Recordings of the conference are available here:

About the Event

This year’s Colorado Health Symposium, “Game Changers: The Status Quo Has Got To Go,” will feature game changers: people, policies, practices and perspectives creating the new normal Coloradans need. From folks doing the gritty, hard work of progress and power-sharing in local communities, to practices and policies undoing barriers to health, to promising ideas you are seeing work across Colorado — we'll discuss what it's going to take and what's already happening in communities to change the game.

The COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with evidence of persistent systemic racism, has pushed health further from reach. Both intentional and unintentional, the systems of oppression woven into the founding fabric of our nation remain today. They have deepened barriers to health and worsened unfair norms that Coloradans with less power, privilege and income have endured for generations, especially communities of color.

We are at a pivotal moment in time – one that calls us to leverage opportunities to disrupt, dismantle and rebuild systems harming the health and well-being of individuals, families and communities. To do so, a game changer's mindset is vital. The work to date has failed to create the change we want. Not to discredit that work – but to become agents of change with the deliberate pursuit of transforming the status quo.

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